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Triozon isn’t a medicine. It’s a program for the entire crop cycle. It can be used in Hatcheries, Culture/Farming and Processing.

Fish Market

In Hatcheries

Use it for Raw water treatment, Brood stock quarantining, Egg washing, In-total disinfection and seed fogging.

In Culture / Farming

Use it for Soil remediation, Pre-stocking treatment in Pond preparation.

A daily/weekly dosage as prescribed, will help maintain overall water management by neutralizing all negative parameters. Triozon also oxygenates the pond bottom and de-odorize it. It oxidizes heavy metal and salts. Triozon also takes care of organic loads by neutralizing Ammonia, Nitrate, H2So4. It controls Microbial loads, biofouling, Vibrio loads, Gill infestations, Luminescent bacteria. It controls algae growth and cyanobacteria.

In case farmers come across any unknown erratic situations or known Vibrio, Gill infestations, they can introduce Triozon treatment even in between crop cycles.'

In Processing

Use it for raw water treatment to control E-coli, Salmonella, Algae, Fungus. Use it to fog Processing Zones for air borne pathogens. Use it for Feed Stock cleansing by dipping or spraying. Spray it on floors, walls or workbenches. You can fumigate containers, pre-shipment. You can use it to control Legionella in Cooling Towers. Use it to avoid recontamination during ice making.

Triozon can be used via various broadcasting methods like injection, spraying, fogging, surface treatment and vaporisation.

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