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Raw water can contain traces of pesticides and toxic organic compounds.

When these combine with chlorine, they produce harmful chlorinated compounds.

Water Filter Faucet

Processed water could also get contaminated by bacteria in storage tanks or piping. In either case, poor water quality is bound to have an effect on the overall quality and safety of the final product.

Triozon F has been proven to be an effective treatment for these contaminants and that too without the formation of any by-products. It is also effective against chlorine-resistant micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which have caused several deaths in recent years.

Triozon helps treat drinking water. It can be used for raw water disinfection, for pipeline networks (both new and existing).

Triozon is especially effective for emergency water disinfection. It helps in long-term disinfection.

It can be used to treat domestic water inside builds, Legionella prevention, biofilm removal and control.

Triozon is good at treating drinking water pipelines (both standing and flow method), cisterns, sources, equipment, machines, tool and reservoirs. It is effective in killing bacteria. It controls biofilm. It also oxygenates and oxidizes heavy metals and salts.

Triozon can be used via various broadcasting methods like injection, spraying, fogging, surface treatment and vaporisation.

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