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Triozon F is an oxidising biocide with very rapid biocidal action at ambient or cold temperatures, at relatively low concentrations. It has broad spectrum activity and is effective over a wide range of conditions.

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Compared to other oxidizing biocides, the activity of Triozon F is relatively unaffected by organic contamination. It is also very effective against biofilms and microbial slime. Despite a long history of use in disinfection applications, there has be no known build-up of resistance to Triozon F.

For a long time, Triozon F has been used in surface cleaning in the food and drink industries.

Triozon F® 5:23 and Triozon F® 15:23 are typically used as hard surface disinfectants after clean-up processes, on equipment, containers, consumption vessels, surfaces or pipework associated with production, transport, storage or consumption of food or beverages. Both are also used in automated cleaning (Clean-in-Place) systems at large dairy, brewery and soft drinks manufacture plants.


The detergent, disinfectant solutions and rinsed water are circulated through tanks, pipes, and process lines, without any equipment having to be dismantled. The solution is often discharged to storage tanks for re-use.

Triozon can be used via various broadcasting methods like injection, spraying, fogging, surface treatment and vaporisation.

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