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Greenhouses have re-occurring problems with diseases like Pythium root rot or insets such as fungus gnats.

Inside Greenhouse

While growing a crop, infectious microbes accumulate and algae grow on moist surfaces harbouring fungus gnats and shore files. Dust particles from fallen growing medium or pots can contain bacteria or fungi such as Rhizoctonia or Pythium.

Many pathogens can be managed by use of Triozon. In addition to plant pathogens, Triozon also manage algae, which is a breeding ground for fungus gnats and shore flies.

Triozon F kills bacteria, fungus, algae and their spores immediately on contact. It can be used on greenhouse surfaces, equipment, benches, pots, trays and tools, and for use on plants. Triozon F can also be applied through an irrigation system.

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