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Triozon can be used in milk processing industries, dairies, cheese production units, yogurt production units, ice cream making units et al.

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Triozon can be used for water treatment by cleaning-in-place or UV. It can be used to treat service water, Legionella prevention and biofilm control / removal.

It can be also used to disinfect raw material depot surfaces, transport containers, cans, stacking containers, filling installations. Triozon can be used effectively on production surfaces, equipment, machines, tools, mixing installations, conveyors, filling installations, tanks, containers, packing up, bottle disinfection (both new and reused) and even on workwear.

Triozon powerfully disinfects delivery / storage surfaces, containers, pipelines, transport containers, vehicles, conveyors, filters, cooling surfaces.

It even helps clean ventilation shafts and other air conditioning systems.

Triozon can be used via various broadcasting methods like injection, spraying, fogging, surface treatment and vaporisation.

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